The Office

  • Dennis Culp

    A producer, touring musician, composer, manager and trombonist, Dennis heads up Singing Serpent’s New York branch.

  • Tim Wood

    Our Swiss Army knife, Tim fills the role of business affairs manager, tinkerer, producer, aesthete and friend of all things fender.

  • Ben Moore

    Doubling as house engineer while running his own shop within our walls, Ben's diverse list of clients such as Ravi Shankar, Rocket From The Crypt and Burt Bacharach, has truly earned him his title of “The Hardest Working Man in San Diego Music”.

  • Kenseth Thibideau

    When Kenseth isn't turning wood or writing ditties at the office, he's touring the globe mercilessly with his post-rocking marshmallow jazz and experimental sounds.

  • Chris Cory

    Chris Cory is our one-of-a-kind, saxophone-playing CFO extraordinaire.

  • Glen Galloway

    Outside of being an avid surfer, a Kombucha-enthusiast and an active touring musician, Glen is the wild brain behind Singing Serpent.

  • Jon Spencer

    A reverbial southern gentleman, Elvis-man, and longstanding Richmond based bringer-of-noise. Jon also happens to be a spot wrangler extraordinaire.

  • Jason Begin

    Sent into the New Mexico deserts on a fuzz-pedal pilgrimage, Jason found modular synthesizers and dry heat and fatherhood.

  • Danny McCarthy

    Danny is the keeper of the vaults, our librarian and song seeker. When he's not on set chasing down a role or gigging on boats or beach cliffs, he's goldmining for you.

  • Masaya Ozaki

    11 years ago a young thrill-seeker from Niigata, Japan emerged in the Boston Harbor and absorbed all the musical secrets of the western world, only to turn them all upside down.

  • Conor Meads

    With a Grandmother who composed commercial jingles and a Grandfather who booked the Beatles, it's clear that Conor was genetically engineered to farm earworms at Singing Serpent.

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